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Laughing Totem

Laughing Totem is a second year project made by two students, Klein Gabriel and Muscat Valentin.


3 Players, developed on Unity.

Rules :

The game is a 1V1V1, one player is a spirit, he's a judge and the other players are two shamans.

The shamans have to stack totems to glory the Spirit of the Raven, they have to complete a logic color sequence (totems are composed of two colors A and B, if the first
totem ends with A the second must begin with A).

The first shaman who reach the top wins. BUT they're observed by the spirit. The spirit watch if the shamans respect the color sequence, he can punish them if they don't.
After 3 punishment of the same player the spirit wins. If he lost this is the winner shaman who takes his place.

The game aims to be exogene, push players to cooperate or not.

Have fun !

Download link :